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Crete Fab

Kansas #1 Choice for Outdoor Transformations
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Just as it is important to have appliances that are designed to withstand the outdoor elements, you will want to ensure that your outdoor kitchen structure will survive the Kansas elements. Many outdoor features are built with subpar materials that are not designed for the outdoors.  Others use construction techniques, such as applying stone veneers, that are highly susceptible to failure when exposed to freeze-thaw environments. CreteFab differentiates itself from the competition by using a construction technique and materials that were specifically designed for extreme outdoor environments. We are proud to be the only ClifRock authorized installer in Kansas. ClifRock technology offers a frameless construction system utilizing panels made from a polymeric micro-fiber reinforced high-performance concrete ensuring strength and performance under extreme environmental stress, including harsh freeze-thaw cycles.


When considering building an outdoor feature, it is important to consider any potential property disruption or stress of an extended construction project.  Many outdoor installations require heavy machinery to prepare a foundation, resulting in significant property disruption causing timelines that stretch for weeks or months. Using the ClifRock system, CreteFab can typically complete an outdoor installation in a matter of days, with virtually no property disruption. Our products are so structurally sound that they can be built on most stable surfaces without the need to pour a footer (and can even be built on a well-constructed wooden deck).


Lastly, you will want an outdoor kitchen that looks as good as it is functional. Most customers are looking for a masonry look – but they don’t want the cost, weight, construction time, or upkeep of a masonry installation. ClifRock engineered stone panels are a perfect  solution – as they provide the traditional look of stone without the added cost or weight of alternative methods. ClifRock offers a variety of stone profiles to get the exact look you are seeking.   Furthermore, our layouts are fully customizable – you will not get a ‘kit,’ so no two outdoor kitchens are alike.

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